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Wellness in Nature 

Siobhán Sloane, Essential Food Trails, Ireland

Reconnect with Nature in the Burren

One of the best things about creating and running Essential Food Trails is the people I meet along the way.  The farmers and producers and innovative people working towards rural sustainability.  Like many of those I have met, I have had a varied career up to this point.  I have worked in large and small organisations in Dublin City, in kiwifruit orchards in New Zealand, vast fruit farms in Australia, before returning to Ireland to train as a yoga instructor and study for a degree in Ireland’s Heritage, Culture and Environment.  All of these experiences have led me to live and work in the west of Ireland.

One of these people is Bronagh O’Rourke who came to live on her 500 acre family farm which sits in the Burren National Park. We happened to meet at a Burrenbeo Trust Learning Landscape workshop and decided to collaborate on a Wellness in Nature day.

Combining our resources, the Wellness in Nature days involve a hike through the O’Rourke family farm, through woodland meadow and limestone pavement.  Bronagh shares stories of the traditional farming practices that contribute the unique Burren landscape.  I guide us on a walk through ancient hazel woodland, talking time to connect with nature and find stillness with forest-bathing.  I share my knowledge of the rare orchids, wildflowers and edible plants we may spot along the way.  Taking time to rest and take in the fresh air and spectacular scenery with a hearty farm picnic with lots of local produce and make our way to the limestone shores of tranquil Lough Bunny where I guide us through some gentle yoga.

It’s time to get out, breathe in the fresh air, appreciate the beautiful Irish landscape and reconnect with nature, yourself and friends.  We’d love you to join us for a day of hiking through the restorative Burren landscape, forest-bathing, a wholesome picnic, fresh air, tranquility and laughter.  Booking is on Eventbrite dates are 18 July and 2 August.  

How to Book tickets for Wellness in Nature

Tickets are available on eventbrite €75 per person and include:

  • Hiking in Burren National Park
  • Forest-Bathing
  • Lakeside Yoga
  • Wholesome Picnic

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